Sunday School

Sunday School classes are broken into age groupings with similar needs. The classes are adjusted each year to manage class size.

Rob and Amanda Adams coordinate all the Sunday School activities. If you have any questions, speak to Rob or Amanda.


Rideauview SSAnne

Age 2 to Junior Kindergarten

At 11:15 a.m. children in this group go directly to their classroom which is on the main level opposite the washroom for disabled.  The children learn by touching, seeing and doing, so the program is very structured and full of fun things to do. There is a time of free play (puzzles, play dough, small toys, coloring etc.) singing circle, snack and story time. Older children in this group start to learn how to put their faith into action; where learning to love God, obey God and worship God is a fun thing to do.

Grades SK to 6

Rideauview SSNanAt 11:15 children in this group go directly to the lower auditorium. This time is designed to be a fun and interesting entry into the Bible for the children. The hour is composed of 4 integrated parts: singing, story time, activity time, and team time.

Grades 7 to 8

At 11:15 children in this group go directly to their classroom which is opposite the lady’s washroom on the main level.  The objective of this class is to help the children discover the Bible for themselves and understand more fully how the Lord Jesus can help them every day at this pivotal point in their life.

The last Sunday of each month the children from these three groups go to the main auditorium at 11:15 for the opening of the Family Bible Hour with the adults, before going to their classes.