Rideauview Bible Chapel

David Hood – Doubt

November 20, 2016
We examine the topic of doubt from the perspective of a father whose son is demon possessed.  While he believes that his son can be healed, he is still struggling…
We continue our series on prayer.  In this session we focus on the content of our prayers and answer the question, What should our prayers include?  We do this by…
Today we examine prayer and it's importance in the Christian life.  The critical theme is that we need to be in prayer to establish and maintain a close relationship with…
We take up the topic of revival and examine it from the perspective of 2 specific types of Christians: Nominal Christians and "Sleeping" Christians.

David Hood – Racism

July 17, 2016
We examine the topic of racism and consider it from a Biblical perspective.  We will ultimately see that God's plan for salvation includes all ethnicities.