Meeting Times
Meeting Times
Time Meeting Details


9:30 am Lord’s Supper Also known as communion, a time for Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ to remember Him as He commanded. For more details about this assembly distinctive click here.
10:30 am Coffee Time A chance to fellowship and catch up with friends.
11:00 am Prayer Time An opportunity to join in prayer for the upcoming meetings in separate rooms for the men and women.
Missionary prayer the first Sunday of the month.
11:15 am Family Gospel Hour Singing, worship and a message from God’s Word.
11:15 am Sunday School Singing and age appropriate learning for age 3 through grade 8.
6:30 pm Evening Bible Hour An extended period of Bible teaching.


7:30 pm Prayer Meeting and Bible Study Systematic Bible teaching followed by a time of intercessory prayer for the needs of the congregation.


9:30 am Men’s Prayer Time An opportunity to start the day with prayer for the needs of the assembly and individuals.