A Plural Leadership: Elders

The congregation at Rideauview Bible Chapel is led by a team of Elders. They take responsibility for the church’s spiritual oversight, vision and direction. This includes overseeing the teaching, pastoral and evangelism activities.  The word ‘elder’ is a New Testament word used to describe the spiritual leadership of the local church. Below are photos of the elders with their wives who support them in this role.

David and Donna Boulard

David and Donna have been active at Rideauview Bible Chapel for over 17 years with various ministries including Sunday School, Awana, Seniors, College & Careers and serving in financial roles.  David and Donna obtained business degrees in Toronto and Fredericton respectively and went on to obtain their Chartered Accountant designations. David and Donna were married in 1986 and after moving to Ottawa, Donna remained at home to raise and homeschool their four children.  David is employed in the renewable energy industry and takes on many roles within the company. David & Donna continue to seek the Lord’s will for the next phase of their lives now that the children are adults, and seek to be a blessing and encouragement to others as they serve Him at Rideauview.

Tom and Nura Brown

Tom and Nura have been serving the Lord at Rideauview since 1990 in various ministries. Tom has served in Sunday school and as a youth leader. They both worked in Awana for nearly 20 years. They have a shared passion for working with young people and have been involved at Galilee Bible Camp since their children were young. Prior to joining the elders, Tom was a deacon for over 10 years.
Tom grew up in the west, born in Winnipeg but also living in Calgary and Edmonton. He holds a diploma in Electronics Engineering Technology and currently works for Canada Post in Digital Services. Nura was born and raised in Ottawa. She is a Registered Pharmacy Technician at the Ottawa Hospital. They were married in 1997 and have two grown children and a teenage son still living at home.

Brian and Nancy Foreman

Brian and Nancy have been active at Rideauview for the past 25 years. They have 4 adult children and 12 grandchildren. Now that Brian is retired after 18 years as a government employee, he is delighted to have more time to serve. While Nancy continues working full time in the federal government, she is involved in many ministries at Rideauview, not the least of which is organizing Seniors’ lunch.

Tim and Carla Knuth

Details coming soon

Phil and Keltie Priddle

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A plural leadership: Deacons

In order to allow the elders to give themselves to prayer and the ministry of  the Word of God as a priority, (Acts 6:1-4), Rideauview has a team of deacons to manage the material assets of the church, including the distribution of funds to the Lord’s work and those in need, as well as looking after the building.

Our deacons are: Mike Beckwith, Josh Hale, John Unsworth and George Wilson.

College and Careers

The C&C group is self directed with mentorship from John and Kim Unsworth.

Youth Group

As of September 2019 the leaders are: Rachel Black, Caleb Rodgers, Heidi Boulard and Gideon Willard.

Missionary Committee

Together, they receive communication from missionaries and put together a monthly digest to inform the church on any missionary news. They also meet together to discuss financial needs and any changes to financial distribution to the missionaries. Current members are: Keith Blair, Benton Willard, Adam Milling and Shirley Finter as well as a number of others who help in various roles.