New Here?
New Here?


Thinking about visiting but not sure what to expect? Here are answers to some common questions:

What should I wear on Sunday morning?

You’ll see people wearing everything from jeans to suits and dresses. You’d probably be comfortable in whatever you wear to school or work (unless maybe you’re a lifeguard or a clown)

Should I bring a Bible?

If you have one you like, sure, but we also have some available in each row.

Do you introduce visitors or send them to a special class or anything?

No, but people will certainly make you feel welcome and you’ll be given an opportunity to leave your name and email/address/phone if you’d like further contact.

What do my children do during the meetings?

We have a nursery for infants and toddlers during the Breaking of Bread as well as nursery and Sunday School for all ages (thru high school) during the Chapel Service.

How will I know where to go or what to do when I get there?

Just come on in, someone will be sure to help you feel welcome and help you get where you (and your children) need to be.

Where can I park?

If there isn’t any room in the chapel parking lot, there is parking on the adjacent streets.

My question isn’t here or I need more info, who can I contact?

Look at our Leader page under, ‘Who we are’ to find names, photos and functions of the various heads of programs. They are there to help you and welcome your questions.